Grade 1B (Miss Craig)

Check below for a brief look at what's happening in our classroom this week. Please reach out with any questions. 🙏


What's happening in:

Religion: We will spend this week talking about what types of faith families we belong to, such as our family at home, our school family, and our parish family. We are also working on learning the Our Father prayer as a whole class. Look for a Brag Tag on your child's folder when they know the Our Father by heart!

Reading: This week we are working on a Chinese folktale called The Empty Pot. For each story in this unit, we will find story elements, character traits, and think about what lesson we can learn from the characters. In guided reading, I will be checking in with each student 1:1 to determine what their mid-year reading level is. I will be communicating with you soon about their growth!

Writing: While we had so much fun with opinion writing, we are moving on this week to another fiction writing cycle. In this cycle, we will be working on more realistic fiction stories. This week we will focus on planning our story elements, including who are the characters, what is the setting, and what kind of trouble will our characters get into. We will end the week by planning how to get them out of that trouble!

Phonics: This week we are focused on the suffix -s and expanding on our understanding of plurals. We will work on determining when a word needs a suffix and when it just ends in an -s. Our spelling words this week focus on the long /a/ sound, which appears in a VcE pattern.

Spelling Words:

1. came

2. name

3. same

4. game

5. gate

6. gave

7. ran (sight word)

8. ride (sight word)


Social Studies:  We will continue thinking about how to use directions to physically navigate and when using a map. We are working on being able to identify which direction we will have to go to get from one point to another. 

Science: This week in science we are continuing our study of space. We will be making up our own pneumonic devices to help us remember the planets in order. We will also be making newspapers from our favorite planet, or one we make up!

Math: In Math Workshop, we are continuing to learn all about 2-D shapes. We are thinking about how big shapes take up more space, so we can use less of them to fill a space; and  likewise, little shapes take up less space, so we can use more of them to fill a space. This connects to composing and decomposing shapes. We will continue to work on our fast fact quizzes to improve our fluency with addition and subtraction within 10. In story problem this week, we are going to focus on joining problems. On Thursday, we will be taking our HMH Math assessment.


For homework this week:  

Monday- No Schoool!

Tuesday- Rainbow write spelling words 3 times each in a different color each time.

Wednesday- Math worksheet.

Thursday- ELA Worksheet.


Extra HW= 3 Dojo points each!



Specials Schedule:
Monday –
Music 10:05-10:45
PE 10:45-11:15

Tuesday –
Technology 11:05-11:45

Wednesday –
PE 1:30-2:00

Thursday –
Library 1:30-2:10

Friday –
Spanish 10:10-10:50
Art 11:05-11:45



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