Grade 2 Announcements



First Holy Communion Retreat: April 6, 2019; 9:00-12:00

First Holy Communion Mass: May 4, 2019; 5:00 pm 

First Holy Communion Pictures & Reception:  May 16, 2019; [May Crowning]; The First Holy Communion reception will be in the Cafeteria and dismissal will follow the reception.  When you are finished celebrating with your family you are free to leave. All communicants are to wear their full communion outfits [girls, with veil also]. 

       Image result for saint patricks day images News you can use for March!

If you are unable to join us on the Fridays during Lent and would like to pray The Stations of The Cross, please click on the link below.
March 20 - PTO General Memebership Meeting 7:00 pm
March 21 - 9:00 Mass; CHANGED TO FULL DAY ~ No longer 11:15 dismissal 
March 22 - Stations of the Cross 2:15
March 25 - The Annunciation of The Lord
March 28 - 9:00 Mass
March 29 - Stations of the Cross 2:15
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News you can use for April!
April 1 - Spring Uniform Begins
April 1-5 - Military Child Appreciation Week (Details to follow)
April 4 - 9:00 Mass; 11:30 Dismissal; DFE Workday
April 5 - First Friday Adoration; 2:15 Stations of the Cross
April 6 - First Holy Communion Retreat 9-12 noon
April 8 - Rice Bowls due Back - Kindly convert any coins to a check. Thank you!
April 11 - 9:00 Mass
April 12 - 2:15 Stations of the Cross
April 18 - Holy Thursday; 9:00 am Mass [No Extended Day]; Living Stations of the Cross; 11:30 Dismissal; Easter Tridium Begins
April 18-21 - Easter Tridium
April 18-28 Easter Break Begins at 11:30
April 19 - Good Friday
April 21 - Easter Sunday!
April 29 - Feast of St. Bernadette Celebrated; 9:00 Mass
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May 1 - Spring Photos
 May 2 - No School Mass [Celebration of St. Bernadette was 4/29]
 May 3 - First Friday Adoration; Family Open House; Grandparent's Day; Arts in the Evening Program.
 May 4 - First Holy Communion Mass 5:00 Second Graders
 May 6- May 24 - Online Standardized Testing Grades 1-7 [Please do not schedule medical appointments/vacations.
 May 9 - 9:00 Mass; 11:30 Dismissal/Professional Development Day
 May 16 - First Holy Communion Photos in the morning; 10:30 May Crowning; Immediately following 2nd Grades celebrate with their First Holy Communion Reception; All other students dismissal is immediately following the May Crowning Ceremony; DFE Workday for Teachers
May 20-23 Shakespeare Festival
May 20 - Final Band Concert for Students 2:00   
May 23 - 9:00 Mass
May 24 - Field Day [Students are to wear sunscreen & bring a water bottle]; 11:30 Dismissal.
May 27 - Memorial Day - No School! 
May 28-31 Spirit Week [Schedule to Follow]; Family Picnic; Volleyball & Mission Impossible; Ice-cream Social
May 30 - 9:00 Mass

Grade 2A (Mrs. Kelley)

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                      Welcome to Mrs. Kelley's class


             Monday: Art

             Tuesday: Library & PE

          Wednesday: Music

         Thursday:  PE & Spanish

          Friday:  Computer

                     Homework Plan 

  Math:  Worksheet (each night Monday thru Thursday) 

  Spelling: Spelling packet is due on  Friday.  

  Reading: Students read aloud for 10-15 minutes.       

Grade 2B (Mrs. Roser)

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Welcome to Second Grade! 

 Where everyone is a S.T.A.R. ~ Students That Are Responsible!


Monday ~ PE 9:50-10:20    

Tuesday ~ Music 11:20-12:00; PE 2:25-2:55

Wednesday ~ Computer 9:45-10:25

Thursday ~ Spanish 1:10-1:50

Friday ~ Art 9:50-10:30; Library 11:20-12:00



Homework is due the next day! The focus of each area is subject to change at a faster/slower rate based on school activities, student understanding, or the unforeseen. Homework papers serve as a great reminder for quizzes/tests. A review is always given in class. Students may visit our IXL website for Math/L/A practice.



Focus:  fractions

Monday-Thursday: Worksheet/s


Focus: aw spelled augh, ough, all, and al.

YELLOW GROUP: tall, bought, always, taught, halt, small, overall, mall, sought,caught.

GREEN GROUP: walk, small, overall, halt, sought, bought, always, caught, call, taught.

BLUE GROUP: taught, caught, halt, small, false, bought, waltz, sought, chalk, daughter.

Monday: Write words in alphabetical order (ABC Order) one time.

Tuesday: Choose 5 words.  For each word write as many words as you can using those letters. Example:  1. brave ~ rave, verb, bear, ear, Eva.

Wednesday: Use the remaining words.  For each word write as many words as you can using those letters.

Thursday: Study for your test tomorrow.

Friday: Test today! 



Focus: Jesus' resurrection; Jesus appears to the disciples in the upper room, Easter, Every Sunday is a little Easter, With Jesus we live forever, Paschal Candle. Discuss Stations of the Cross; Continue Lenten Instruction.  


All prayers are tested verbally. I highly recommend your child begin memorizing any prayers they do not know. One point is deducted each day students are not prepared for their test date. Each prayer is worth 10 points.


Learn about the Saint of The Day:


READING: Differentiated Reading Groups based on fiction, non-fiction, and genre ~ Legend.  

Guided Reading is differentiated to meet students' learning needs. We consistently build on the following skills: decoding, fluency, phonological awareness, vocabulary, setting, inferences, understanding literary elements [theme, main idea, setting, point of view] predict, connect, clarify, analyze, and summarize leading to full comprehension.

READ, READ, & READ!  Students are to read each night!  The more you read the better reader you become. Did you know reading daily helps build fluency and comprehension?  Helpful tips:  If you don't know what a word is try sounding it out; find a chunk of the word that you can read, or use the blends we are learning.  You can also use the story pictures to help you.  It's always fun to read with a parent or a friend!


SCIENCE:   Explore & Discover the Properties of Magnets.


SOCIAL STUDIES:  All about Canada ~ Project is due March 25. Each day the project is late one point will be deducted.  See rubric that was sent home with directions.  The study of Canada.


Grade 2 Spanish (Mrs. Parks)

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 ****** Please make sure that your child has a RED folder, and a pencil for class each week. Gracias.******


Bienvenidos!  Welcome!


Oh my we are going to be subtracting in Spanish too!


On to adding up to 25 this week 

.... We are Adding in Spanish!!!

 Uno mas Uno es Dos

Dos mas Dos es Cuatro

Tres mas Tres es Seis

Cuarto mas Cuatro es Ocho

Cinco mas Cinco es Diez