Grade 4 Announcements


Virtue of the Month: Responsibility

Saint of the Month: St. Peter, St. Henry II, Bl. Bartolo Longo

Upcoming Events!!

May 1: Spring Pictures

May 2: Jamestown! (Details to follow)

May 3: Family Open House; Grandparents Day; Arts in the Evening

May 6-24: SCANTRON TESTING (Sawyer LA: 5/7; Sawyer and Thelen Reading, 5/14 & 5/15)

May 9: Early Release (11:30 AM)

May 10: Band Trip

May 15: PTO General Meeting

May 16: May Crowning; Early Release (11:30)

May 20: Band Concert (2:00 PM & 7:00 PM)

May 21: Shakespeare Play 2:00 PM

May 24: Field Day (11:30 Dismissal)

May 27: No School! (Memorial Day)

May 28: Family Picnic; Race for Education

May 30: Cultural Arts Assembly (2:45 PM)

May 31: All library books are due back!



Grade 4A (Mrs. Thelen)

 My Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scantron Testing: Math (Wed. 5/22-5/23)

Last day to submit all assignments is Tuesday 6/4. Grades are due Friday 6/7.


*Upcoming Assessments/Projects*

Math - Perimeter, Area, and Solid Figures Quiz on Thursday 5/30

Vocabulary - Unit 11 Test on Friday 5/31 (last test for year)

Religion - Chapter 16 Quiz on Tuesday 6/4 - open book (Last test for year)

Language Arts - Final draft of Persuasive Essay is due Tuesday 6/4.

Science - Ocean Project is due Tuesday 6/4




Math (4A & 4B) - Math Packet is due Thursday 5/23 this week due to Field Day. 

Extra practice on IXL and Prodigy (see Additional Resources below!)

Upcoming Units: Geometry and Decimals


Science (4A & 4B) - Extreme Weather report is past due. Our Ocean Project will be completed in class and is due on Tuesday 6/4.

Upcoming units: Oceans and Ecosystems. 


Language Arts (4A only) -  We will begin our study of Persuasive Writing. Students will have a graphic organizer (completed in class) and final draft to submit by Tuesday 6/4. 

Extra practice on IXL and the Voyages site below! 


Spelling (Words Their Way)- Complete for the year.   

  • Students receive words every two weeks: 1 set cut for school and another set for home (by request) 
  • Students should practice the spelling of the words at home out loud and on paper. They will practice spelling the words during morning work and in reading groups. They will have various assignments such as sorting, sentence and story writing, and practicing the spelling of the words in cursive. These are grades. 
  • Please keep the cut spelling words in your accordion file in your spelling envelope! 





*Additional Resources*


To Join Quizlet: Click HERE and sign up! 

Vocabulary: Click here for extra practice!

Voyages (Language Arts): Click here for practice games!

Christ Our Life (Religion): Click here for chapter study guides and games!


IXL is available for Math and Language Arts HERE (completing highlighted topics is encouraged!)

Math: Geometry W.1-W.6, X.4-X.9, Y.1-Y.4, Z.1, Z.4, AA.1-AA.4

Language Arts (scroll down to Grammar and Mechanics): Verb Types FF.1-FF.5, Subject-Verb Agreement GG.1-GG.4, Verb Tense HH.1-HH.17

Our Specials are:

Monday: P.E (8:20am)

Tuesday: Library and Computer (8:15am/12:10pm)

Wednesday P.E and Music (9:15am/12:10pm)

Thursday: Mass, Spanish, Art and Fellowship (8:55am/9:40am/1:50pm/2:30pm)

Friday: Spanish (9:10am)


Grade 4B (Mrs. Sawyer)

😃Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.😃

All tests and quizzes must be signed within two days of return!

IXL! (Logon information in student agendas!)

Scholastic Ordering Code: HMBXZ

  •  Orders due May 31! 



Homework, Quizzes, & Projects:

*Religion-Chapter 16 Quiz, 6/3

*Vocabulary-Unit 15 Test, 5/31

**Vocabulary Curriculum Practice

*Reading (4A & 4B)-

Weekly Reading Homework:

  • Weekly Reading Homework is due every FRIDAY to Mrs. Sawyer! 
  • Weekly Reading Packet Instructions
  • Reading homework for this week: Non-fiction packet (DON'T FORGET #6 ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER!)

Monthly Book Reports: 

*Language Arts--Adverbs Quiz, 5/30 (No 6.6)

**IXL: Grade 4 Language Arts

Work on: JJ Section

**Voyages Curriculum Practice Games


Words Their Way Overview:

  • Students receive words every two weeks
  • Students are assessed every two weeks (on Friday of the second week)
  • Students have a school list (STAYS AT SCHOOL) and home list 
  • Students will complete activities in class to practice words
  • Students should practice sorting words into headers at home, as well as practice the spelling of the words

*Social Studies (4A & 4B)-Revolutionary War Test, 5/31

**Online Practice (Currently on VS.5)

*Math (4A & 4B)-See Mrs. Thelen's Page

*Science (4A & 4B)-See Mrs. Thelen's Page


Weekly Curriculum:

Reading-Book Reports; Memory Books

Language Arts-Adverbs (Review & Quiz) 

Social Studies-Revolutionary War (Review & Test)

Religion-Chapter 16 (6th and 9th Commandment)


Our Specials Are:

Monday: Art (8:15-8:55) & Beginner Band

Tuesday:  Music (12:05-12:45)

Wednesday: Spanish (9:10-9:55) & Technology (12:05-12:45)

Thursday: Mass, Spanish (8:15-8:50), PE (9:45-10:15), & Fellowship 

**PE uniforms may be worn to Mass 

Friday: PE (9:15-9:45) & Beginner Band


Grade 4 Spanish (Mrs. Parks)



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome Bienvenidos a Espanol!!


4A & 4B Unit 6 Test has been moved to 5/30.

05/08/2019  4B Text 156 B 6 Question sentences combining 1 Verb and 1 Noun from each Orange box. & WB 80 due next class.

4A & 4B  Unit 5 Test March 21st.

BOTH 4A & 4B If you are one of the many that did not complete WB pages 63 & or 64 from LAST WEEK....

Please do so. Will be checked again next class period.