Grade 5 Announcements

Welcome to 5th Grade!

November 19th Newsletter

**Homework will always be posted within the Newsletter**

**Please note- there has been a change regarding snack. Fifth graders may bring a snack each day.**

Class Expectations: Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Trust in God.

Behavior: The school is utilizing a new program called LiveSchool to track behavior. Students are awarded points electronically based on a number of actions. Negative behaviors are tracked as well, but points are never taken away! Points can then be used to “purchase” various rewards and privileges! Expect to see your student’s “Weekly Paycheck” outlining points earned and spent, as well as any other comments.

Homework: Homework is sent home on Monday, completed during the week, and turned in on Friday. While homework is reviewed for understanding of content, it is graded based on completion and timeliness.

Grading:     Classwork/Participation 40%

                     Tests 30%                                          

                     Quizzes/Projects 20%

                     Homework 10%

*If a student earns a failing score on a test, they will be given the opportunity to make corrections to missed items. For each corrected item, they will earn half credit back.

Grade 5A--(Mrs. Herlihy)

Mrs. Herlihy Teaches: 

5A and 5B Math

5A and 5B Science

5A Language Arts

5A Religion


 If you have questions regarding the above classes, contact Mrs. Herlihy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !


5A Specials

Monday: Technology, Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Spanish, P.E.

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Library, Spanish



Grade 5B (Miss Allman)

Miss Allman's Teaches:

Reading 5A

Reading 5B

Social Studies 5A

Social Studies 5B

Language Arts 5B

 Religion 5B


5B Specials Schedule:

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Technology

Wednesday - PE and Spanish

Thursday - Library 

Friday - Art, PE, and Spanish

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Grade 5 Spanish (Mrs. Parks)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 Welcome.... Bienvenidos

5A/5B Wednesdays & Fridays.


11/09/18 5A & 5B Read Text p. 52 & p. 53 1-5. Review next week. Unit 2 Test Friday Nov 16th





10/17/18 5A & 5B Began Unit 2 today. Vocabulary on pages 44 & 45, and $100 Outfit are due Friday.

FYI    Unit 1 Tests went home last Friday.

 Bookcover Project are due.....

Unit 1 Test (pgs.24, 25,28, & 29 Vocabulary) and       (pgs. 32-36 - 1st,2nd,3rd person, Singular & Plural)          

 Will be on October 10th!

09/19/18  5A & 5B Today our "SOCHI" Creature Project was worked on in classs.


09/14/18  5A/5B Work due below was checked today in class. Text p. 30 Activity A & B and WB p.12 were done in class today....Anything not finished is Homework, due Wednesday 9/19.


09/12/18  5A/5B Text pgs. 25 & 25, 28 & 29 Vocabulary. WB p. 11. Due Friday.


09/07/18  5A & 5B  Text p.8 10 Sentences. WB 3&4 Due Wednesday 9/12



5A & 5B             Orange Vocabulary Boxes Text pgs. 6, 7. & 8      Due 9/7