History (Mr. Dongu)

Greetings 6th Grade Families,

Please check Google Classroom for further updates. This site will be used to provide updates on the content we are learning.

Upcoming Test: 6A will have their Unit 4 Test and Work Check on Monday, February 11. Academic support will be Friday, February 8. (6B has taken the test)

The homework assignment for the week of 2/11 will be posted through Google Classroom.


Unit 4 (Ancient Rome)

We are learning about Ancient Rome, from its early days to the reign of Augustus Caesar. Some highlights include:

  • Unit 4 t-shirt design (students preview the unit by t-shirt with themes from the unit)
  • Geography of Rome: In their interactive notebooks, students will make a map to understand how geography contributed to Rome's growth 
  • Cross-curricular activity with science: analyzing Roman gods and names of planets from a historic and scientific perspective (i.e. Jupiter)
  • Puzzle analysis: students will analyze a 3D puzzle of a Roman warship to understand the how Roman naval power helped contribute to its empire spreading 


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