History (Mr. Dongu)

Greetings 8th Grade Families,

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Unit 5 (Major Events of World War II)

In this unit, we are learning about the major events of WWII, including the Holocaust and major battles. 

  • Unit 5 t-shirt design (students preview the unit by making a t-shirt with themes from the unit)
  • Holocaust webquest and timeline: students will go to the U.S. Holocaust Museum's website to learn about the effects of the Holocaust. They will also make a digital timeline using Google Slides in which they tie in the Diary of Anne Frank, the book they are reading in Literature. 
  • D-Day Journal: Students will read a D-Day 'journal' from the British perspective of D-Day through Google Classroom. 
  • Puzzle analysis: students will analyze a 3D puzzle of a WWII 'Victory Garden', complete with actual plants, to understand the role of winning the war on the homefront. 

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