Kindergarten Announcements for both Mrs. Peckl's and Mrs. Barrick's Classes

Welcome to Kindergarten!

April 1:                   Spring uniform begins

April 1-5:               Military Child Appreciation Week

April 18-28:            Easter break begins April 18 at 11:30 am

April 29:                Feast of St. Bernadette 9:00 Mass

May 1:                   Spring Photos (children should wear their Sunday best/Easter clothes)

May 2:                   No School Mass

May 3:                   Grandparents Day 9-11,   Arts in the Evening

May 6-15:               Spring PALS testing

May 9:                   9:00 Mass,   11:30 dismissal,  teacher workday

May 10:                 Squeals on Wheels  (in school field trip)

May 16:                 School Mass, 11:30 dismissal,  May Crowning

May 20:                 Final band concert

May 23:                Mommy Mass and breakfast with moms in the cafeteria immediately following Mass

May 24:                 Field Day  (more details to come)

May 27:                 Memorial Day (no school) beginning of Spirit Week

May 27-May 31:     Spirit Week ( more details to come)

June 6:                   End of the year classroom parties

June 7:                   Stepping up ceremony in the cafeteria at 2pm, dismissal at 2:30.  Last day of School for Kindergarten.



Kindergarten Volunteer Needs

For additional Kindergarten help, please note the following links below:    password: Kindergarten



Kindergarten A (Mrs. Peckl)

The Peckl People -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Spelling words for week 03/24/19:  dad, dog, dig, yes, mom (bonus words: please and she ) Redskins only.

( I will not be in school tomorrow.  Mrs. Buswell will be substituting with Mrs. Ouimet)

Homework:  1 page of handwriting front/back

Letters learned thus far:  C, O, G, A, D, S, L, I, T,  F,  E, H, U, B, R, and N

Reading log books go home on Wednesday and should be returned the following Tuesday. 

We began our day today reading another book in our Women in History unit.  It was a short story about Sacagawea and her travels with Lewis and Clark.  We then continued with our calendar, weather, counting, songs, and Lent calendar. 

In Religion today, we attended church with our 5th grade buddies and then had a lovely visit from Fr. Rich in the afternoon.  

In Math, we began a new unit about money.  We watched 2 quick, 1 minute song and dance videos about money!   It was so much fun.  We then completed 1 workbook page focusing on identifiying pennies and nickels.  

In Language Arts, we took our spelling test and then completed 2 pages in our Superkids book focusing on recognizing the words that represent the pictures.  

In Science, we read a dinosaur story and then created a dinosaur puppet.  We will continue to discuss Dinosaurs and chickens next week too. 

The children also enjoyed Spanish today and a very fun long indoor recess.  


IXL:  If your child completes all codes listed for their team, they may move to another level.

 Redskins:   E.1, E.2, E.4, H.1, H.2, H.3, H.4, H.6, H.7, I.1, I.4, I.6, I.9, I.20, I.24, I.25, J.1, J.2. J.3, J.4, J.5, J.6, J.7, K.1, K.2, K.3, L.3, L.4

 Giants:        A.4, F.3, G.2, G.3, G.6, H.5, H.8, I.2, I.3, I.5, I.8, I.12, I.14, I.24, J.1, J.2, J.3, J.4, J.5, J.6, K.2, K.4

 Jets:            A.3, C.1, C.2, E.3, F.2, G.1, G.5, I.7, I.11, I.13, I.14, I.15, I.17, I.21, I.22, I.23, K.4

  Ravens:      B.1, B.2, B.3, B.4, B.5, B.6, B.7, B.8, B.9, I.11, I.13, I.15, I.17, I.21, I.22, I.23


Math:   A.4, A.5, B.4, B.5, B.7, B.8, B.9, B.10, C.1, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.5, C.6, C.7, C.8, C.9. C.10. C.11. C.12, C.13, C.14, C.15, C.16


SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS:   If you would like to purchase any books for your child, they get delivered to school.  I unpack the boxes and send them in their school bag.  The ordering is only online.  We do not accept cash, checks, and paper orders.  

Our classroom code is: HQW3K

 Special Classes Schedule:

Monday:                Art:             10:35-11:15,   P.E.: 1:15-1:45

Tuesday:               Music:        10:20-10:50

Wednesday:          Computer:  10:35-11:15,   P.E.:  1:15-1:45

Thursday:              Mass:          9:00,   Spanish 11:45-12:15,    Fellowship: 2:30-3:00

Friday:                   Library:        10:30-11:00


 Rules of the Classroom:

1. Keep Hands and Feet to yourselves

2. Raise your hand to share or ask a question.

3. Use your indoor voice

4. Follow directions

5. Use kind words, share, and take turns.


Worldbookonline: username: stblibhome   password: Bernadette 1

Kindergarten B (Mrs. Barrick)



We are the Barrick Bunch and from Mrs. Swahn and myself we are very happy to be your child's teachers!

Please look at this page for information.  The top portion pertains to both Kindergarten classes and then it is separated by Mrs. Peckl's classroom and then to mine (Mrs. Barrick).

I look forward to a wonderful school year!

 The Barrick Bunch!

Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Barrick

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 Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Swahn
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
PE uniforms to be worn on PE days: Tuesdays and Fridays.  The other days are regular uniform days.
 [No longer applicable until spring] Summer uniform: The uniform for the boys can be either the shorts with polo shirt or the pants with the button down collared shirt.  The uniform for the girls can be either the shorts or skort with polo shirt or the jumper (or pants) with the peter pan collar shirt. We have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays.  For both boys and girls, the PE shorts and PE shirt will be worn with tennis shoes.  
[Now until Spring] Winter uniform: The uniform for the boys will be the pants, button down collared shirt and the blue uniform sweater.  The girls' uniform is the jumper (or pants) with the peter pan collar and the blue uniform sweater. For both boys and girls, the PE sweatpants and the PE sweatshirt must be worn.  Please make sure the PE shirt is worn underneath the sweatshirt so that the sweatshirt can be taken off if the student gets too hot after running around in PE.   
GOING OUTSIDE FOR RECESS DURING THE WINTER MONTHS: Please make sure you child comes to school with their coat, hats and gloves.  The policy is that any child without any of these winter items will stay inside because they are not properly prepared to be outside.





HOMEWORK THIS WEEK:  1 language arts page, a couple of math pages,  spelling words page and a reading book.

Monday/Tuesday:  Both days the mornings started off with writing the spelling words twice with a sentence for each word.  We worked on our Letterbook and math.  In math we are wrapping up subtraction and in the Letterbook we are now on the letter R.  Ask your child to show you their "Rub the Rabbit" work they did.  It is adorable!  We did centers both days.  Here are what they worked on in centers: Technology (iPad), rolling the dice and writing the number then they had to write the number that comes before and the number that comes after in their math journal, Chutes and Ladders, card game of War, a few worksheets to read, cut out pictures to match the word and sentence, spell words, manipulatives with numbers, alphabet, and reading books (they can use a reading "finger" or reading "eyeball" -ask your student what this means). We had PE, and music.  We had outdoor reccess after lunch today, made a leprechaun puppet, Fr. Richardson stopped by to chat with us during our leprechaun project, a dentist stopped by to talk to both kindergarten classes about brushing teeth (ask your child if they remember the songs she taught us), and making wise food choices that will help our teeth and which ones will hurt our teeth and lastly, we learned about Elijah in religion as I read from the Children's Bible and lastly nap time before heading home.  

Wednesday: Morning work-writing the spelling words twice, a sentence using the third word and writing the words on index cards to add to their index cards of spelling words, read a couple of Dr. Seuss books: "Great Day for Up" and "In a People House".  We took the students to Mrs. Peckl's class to pet and watch the chicks as they sat in a circle with the chicks in the middle.  A couple of students had the chicks actually on their leg or shoe.  Everyone washed their hands afterwards.  We finished the Letterbook B/R, had a tornado drill (they did beautifully!), and learned about money (pennies and nickels).  We had spanish in the morning and library in the afternoon.  They each practiced writing their last name and from now on, every paper they sign their name they will be expected to write their last name.  In the afternoon, we made a dinosaur puppet, took a nap and read from the Children's Bible. 

Thursday: Morning work: writing the spelling words twice and a sentence (The cat went to bed.) I read The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover and we went to mass with our fifth grade buddies.  After snack and indoor recess, we started a new Letterbook N,M, and in math we learned about dimes and quarters and noticing the differences with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  We also counted to 100 as we stood in a circle and took turns counting.  We are trying to beat our fastest time which is 2 minutes and 22 seconds.  We made a couple of projects, a dinosaur egg that opens and closes to reveal the head of a baby dinosaur and a color by number Easter cross.  Both will be displayed in the classroom. After lunch and recess, we worked on the Easter cross, took a nap, had computer class, went to Fellowship (skit on why to participate in the rice bowl, and what is Operation Smile), and packed up to go home.

Friday: Morning work: writing the words twice and a sentence. We went to wish Mrs. Meyers a happy birthday, came back to do some stretches and "crossing the midline" for exercise then we took our spelling test after we practiced air writing the words with our fingers.  I was impressed how the students are attempting to write words for the bonus challenge.  The last word I give is always a hard one but they are trying and that's all that counts for me.  We practiced writing the letter Nn with Sunshine the puppet teaching them how to write the letter correctly.  In math we are counting coins by adding on from the largest coin.  We had art and went to the church for Stations of the Cross.  In the afternoon, we finished our math page, had PE, took a nap and treasure box where the students chose a little something for all their hard work of behaving and doing what is expected of them.  



MONDAY:       Music 11:10 - 11:140 a.m.

TUESDAY:      P.E. 1:45 - 2:15 p.m.

WEDNESDAY: Spanish 10:40 - 11:10 a.m.   Library 1:45 - 2:15 p.m. 

THURSDAY:     Computer 1:50 - 2:30 p.m.    Fellowship 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.

             1/2 Day Computer 10:50 - 11:20 a.m.

FRIDAY:   Art 10:55 - 11:35 a.m.   P.E. 1:45 - 2:15 p.m.        


: I will send homework for the week on Mondays.  IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE DONE IN ONE NIGHT.  Please pace the homework during the week and as each page is done, send it back to school via the school folder aka Kidmail.  All homework is to be done by Friday.     

Remember to ALWAYS have your child bring a nut free morning snack even on half days.  If your child is bringing lunch, too, please ensure a way for your child to know what is snack and what is lunch.    


Each morning after we enter the classroom, folders are placed on the table they are assigned, tote bags and lunch boxes put away in their cubbies, lunch count is done and prayers (over the intercom).  At the end of the day, prayers are said over the intercom and then dismissal to canopy, back circle, extended day and sidewalk. 


Rules of the Classroom:

1. Keep Hands and Feet to yourself

2. Use your indoor voice

3. Raise Your hand before speaking

4. Follow directions

5. Use kind words


All School Monthy Masses at 9:00 am Dress Uniform Required*

* If any of these Monthly Masses fall on a Tuesday or Friday (our P.E. days), your child must wear the dress uniform but wear tennis shoes in order to participate in P.E. 



Kindergarten Spanish (Mrs. Parks)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Bienvenidos!  Welcome!


Oh My.... We are Adding in Spanish!!!

Uno mas Uno es Dos

Dos mas Dos es Cuatro

Tres mas Tres es Seis

Cuarto mas Cuatro es Ocho

Cinco mas Cinco es Diez