Admission Requirements

Age Requirements for Admission to Kindergarten


Children who will have reached the age of five years by September 30th may be admitted to a kindergarten program. Readiness testing, at the discretion of school officials, may be used to determine, among other things, the developmentally appropriate placement in the kindergarten program. 

Requirements for Admission to Grades 1-8

  1. Presentation of an original Birth certificate (schools are expected to keep a copy of the certificate on file).
  2. Baptismal certificate (if applicable)
  3. Records from previous school
  4. Proof of exact dates of required immunization as required by the Code of Virginia.  Commonwealth_Of_Virginia_Entrance_Health_Form.pdf
  5. Proof of custody where applicable
  6. If previously enrolled in a Diocesan school, proof of satisfying tuition requirements at that former Diocesan school.

General Conditions of Admission

A student is admitted to the school on the premise the student intends to learn the Catholic religion and be educated in a Catholic environment. In certain cases, students may be admitted on a probationary basis subject to the student successfully completing one or more subsequent interim evaluations. Students with academic or other needs (i.e., behavioral), which cannot be reasonably addressed by the school may be denied admission.

School application forms may request disability-related information. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not prohibit a school from asking questions about a student’s disabilities provided that information does not discriminate (automatically prohibit a student from applying).

International Students

Please refer to the following link for the Arlington Diocese admissions process for International students.

Class Placement 

The Principal and faculty reserve the right to place students in a class which is consistent with the results of the student’s prior academic records and any admission testing.

Requests for specific teachers are discouraged. The teachers and Principal spend considerable time and thought compiling class lists that will be the most productive for all of the students. If there is a specific need to be addressed, parents are asked to submit a written request to the principal. There is no guarantee that they will be honored.

Acceptance Policy

Students are accepted dependent upon the number of spaces available according to the following criteria:

  1. Registered parishioners of St. Bernadette are given first preference for any available spaces. Children of alumni who are parishioners of St. Bernadette have special consideration. Registered parishioners of St. Bernadette Parish, waiting list applicants from the previous year, and returning students are given first preference.
  2. Catholics from neighboring parishes without a school are considered next in order.
  3. Children from parishes with schools (for sufficient reason) are considered next in order.
  4. Non-Catholics are considered next in order. Parents of non-Catholic students must be willing to accept the standards, values and regulations of the school. They should understand the religious education program of the school at the time of enrollment. Non-Catholic students must attend liturgies, religious functions and participate in religion classes for credit.
  5. No preference is given if parent withdraws a student for personal reasons - GT or home school, etc. If family has younger child to register, the family will be considered a new family.


Each year a Re-Registration form will be sent home for each family. The parents are asked to indicate promptly their decision to send their child for the following school year. If a student is not accepted for the upcoming school year, the Principal will notify the parents in writing.

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