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Inclement Weather & School Closings

Schools (K-8) shall be in session for 180 days. If during the course of the year, the school uses inclement weather/emergency days, it is necessary for the school to adhere to the following schedule:

- Each school must make up the first five (5) days missed either by borrowing days from spring break or holidays (e.g. Memorial Day) or by extending the school year;
- Days 6-10 do not need to be made up;
- For days 11 and on, schools may either add the necessary days to their calendar or borrow days from spring break or holidays. In addition, schools may extend a previously scheduled half day to make up those days that were missed due to weather and/or emergencies.

St. Bernadette School follows the Fairfax County School system regarding the opening or closing of school due to inclement weather. If there is no school, a delayed opening, or an early dismissal due to weather conditions, it will be announced over almost all the local radio and TV stations including Cable Channel 21, the Fairfax County Public School information channel.

If Fairfax County Public Schools announce a two-hour delay on a day when St. Bernadette School has scheduled an 12:15 dismissal, the 12:15 dismissal will be cancelled. In that case, classes will begin at 10:05 and will dismiss at the normal time. Lunch will be served. 

If a delayed arrival occurs on the day of a School Mass, the School Mass will be rescheduled.

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