Learning Resource Center

St. Bernadette Catholic school recognizes the beauty and potential inherent within each student. We embrace the challenge to provide assistance and programs to serve students with special learning differences (according to the resources available). Parents are considered an integral part of the process.


St. Bernadette Catholic School students may receive testing services through Fairfax County Public Schools or private institutions. The principal and teachers may request that parents seek testing for their child through the school system or private agencies. Public schools provide the testing services at no charge for residents of that locality. Students who are tested privately may be eligible for reimbursement through their insurance programs.


St. Bernadette Catholic School recognizes that all children learn differently and that some may require accommodations. Teachers will make reasonable accommodations as determined by the Student Assistance Plan (SAP), which is written based on IEP/504 plans or recommendations made through private testing. The school requires a copy of the test results and the IEP or 504 Plan to be kept in the student’s confidential file.


Learning Resource Team


Mrs. Susan Welch

Director of Learning Resource


Mrs. Coleen Sullivan

K-5 Reading Specialist


Ms. Hannah Silva

Middle School Intervention Specialist



Mr. Andy Raab

School Counselor


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