Parish Picnic and Fall Festival

The PTO, in collaboration with the parish community, hosts an annual Fall Festival along side the annual Parish Picnic, where children and parents enjoy games, food, inflatables, vendors and crafts.

Spirit Night

Occasionally, the PTO will arrange for a Spirit Night at one of the local convenience-food restaurants (a.k.a., "fast food"). Typically held for several hours on a school day evening, these are great social events for the children and even parents. The children are sometimes surprised to find their teachers serving behind the counter! A portion of the proceeds from food and beverage sales goes to the school, and typically those proceeds are then donated to a charity designated by the principal and faculty.

The PTO also hosts a Book Night at Barnes and Noble where children can purchase books from their reading lists and enjoy stories being read by their teachers.

Secret Santa Shop

On a Saturday in early December, the PTO holds a Secret Santa Shop, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus "Breakfast with Santa". The children can come in for a delicious breakfast with Santa and then do some Christmas shopping in a room brimming with gift items. The children can shop with the assistance of adult and 7th and 8th grade student volunteers who help them select and even wrap gifts for everyone on their Christmas lists. Your children will even be able to preview the hundreds of items during the school day before the Shop is opened.

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