K Susan Williams with Kindergartner ccexpressLearning a second language will help your child develop early language skills in both Spanish and English. Beginning in preschool, your child will be taught introductory Spanish through song, arts and crafts, literature, and other fun and engaging learning activities.

In grades Kindergarten to fourth, students will learn a wide variety of commonly used Spanish phrases and words. Your child will learn how to read, write, comprehend, and pronounce Espanol.

Fifth through eighth grade students use an online platform that provides visual and auditory experiences. Vocabulary and grammar are blended seamlessly to provide an engaging learning environment. Your child will participate in songs, games and projects which will serve as lasting memories.

The ultimate goal of our Spanish instruction is for your student to successfully test out of High School Spanish I at the end of 8th grade, and enter into Spanish 2 at their chosen high school.

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