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The use of technology begins early at Saint Bernadette School. In Preschool and Kindergarten, students begin to use iPads, and as children move up the grades, the focus shifts to the use of one-to-one Chromebooks incorporated throughout the school day.

Your child will look forward to fun, engaging, and exciting STEM classes at Saint Bernadette! Students work collaboratively to solve problems as they learn and implement the engineering design process. The STEM program, along with the use of one-to-one technology, supports learning in all classes.

Your student will gain skills in keyboarding, web-based technology, coding, the Google Suite, and Microsoft products. Students will learn to create, save, and logically organize electronic files. Online safety and the importance of making good, ethical choices in establishing digital footprints are incorporated into all lessons.

In middle school, classes shift to participating in STEM classes three times a week for one trimester. The excitement continues as students dive deeper into areas such as coding using HTML programming language, creation of a website, robotics, and app creation.

Saint Bernadette graduates have strong foundational tech skills, are excellent problem solvers, and have a strong moral compass which will serve them well in high school and will open the door to future careers in STEM fields.

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