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Choosing St. Bernadette School


We never intended to use private school for our children, and we have been impressed with the complete difference we experienced when we came to St. B.

St. B exhibits true leadership and planning. Their preparation and performance during the pandemic has been superlative. The leadership, teachers, and staff worked as a team and were ready on day one. We are so thankful that because of all the preparation, our kids were able to have educational stability and continuity during uncertain times.

Our children's teachers are just amazing. Absolutely amazing. It is evident the teachers not only work hard, but genuinely care about the students.

St. B's performance exceeds our expectations.

Mr. and Mrs. Guidry

Our son is completing his third year at St. Bernadette and he will be entering the third grade this coming year. Recently, we were delighted when we were informed he was accepted into the Advanced Academic Program (AAP Level IV) in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) for third grade.

Despite his acceptance into this accelerated and advanced program, we decided that St. Bernadette provides the most nurturing and academically enriching environment for our child. We’ve seen an amazing transformation in his growth at St. Bernadette with a wonderful staff who is vested in his continued spiritual growth and academic achievement.

The teachers and resource staff cater to his learning style and provide us with constant feedback on his continued progress. His teacher and other staff succeeded in partnering with us in our child’s success which we value highly. We believe St. Bernadette provides the best value and return on our investment in our son’s academic, spiritual and social growth. It’s truly a hidden gem of a school that’s doing amazing work to support our children and surrounding community.


Alex and Angela Dorsey (parents to Xander Dorsey, 2nd grade)

The teachers and staff and curriculum and faith are everything we would have hoped for and more. Thank you for welcoming us and making us feel like family in such a short period of time. 

-Mr. and Mrs. Major Stephen Holmberg, U.S. Army

While attending St. Bernadette School, we have seen our children become well-rounded, self-confident individuals while learning in an environment rich with possibilities for growth academically, spiritually, and socially. A caring and safe environment is provided by the administrators, as well as the academic and support staff. Our children have been guided morally and spiritually through their daily religion classes and weekly attendance at Mass. They have been challenged academically by the educators and curriculum provided. We have found the classroom environment to be positive and encouraging, allowing our children to focus on the job of learning. The after school academic support provided by the dedicated teachers in the middle school is an excellent resource for which we are grateful. Our family has enjoyed the many opportunities provided by St. Bernadette School to grow not only academically and morally, but socially as well. Our children have participated in the Cardinal choir, drama club, and Math club to name only a few of the extra-curricular opportunities offered. As a family, we have enjoyed participating in the fun family-friendly events that include the Fall Festival, game nights, Spirit nights at McDonald's, and the St. Bernadette evening at Barnes and Noble. We have found the environment of St. Bernadette to be warm, welcoming, and family friendly, while striving to develop well-educated and socially responsible young men and women.

-Cara and John Guzik

We have been parishioners at St. Bernadette Parish since before we were married. All three of our children were baptized here. So when it was time to sign our oldest up for kindergarten, it was not a hard decision to send him to St. Bernadette Parish School. What we didn't know was that it would exceed our expectations in so many ways.

There is a feeling of family from the moment you walk through the doors. The faculty, staff, and even the other students look out for each other. When our son enters the "big kid hallway" (aka the middle school), we have seen the shy little boy we know him to be giving high fives and have heard the older students greet him by name. Even on days when he doesn't "want to go to school", we can see a sense of calm come over him as he enters the classroom.

Academics are very important to us and we have been surprised and extremely pleased with what he is learning and how much he loves doing it. We have heard that what we used to learn in first grade is what they are learning in kindergarten now and that is only too true. From a religious stand point, he has been taught things that we would never have thought to bring up at home. His faith has grown tremendously and helps ours grow stronger. I remember him telling me that he wasn't scared of the dark anymore because of the candle in his window. He said it reminded him of Jesus and that he knew He was there with him, so he didn't have to be afraid.

All of these things remind us every day that we made the right choice in sending him to St. Bernadette's. The overall feeling of love and security is why we have been so happy here and why we would recommend this school to our closest of friends. He is finishing his second year now and although we have only been here for a short time, we look forward to the years to come, especially as our second child begins kindergarten next year.

-Mr. and Mrs. Halili


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