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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates


St. Bernadette Catholic School is open for school! Our first day was Wednesday, August 26. We currently have a true hybrid learning environment. Some students (about 20%) are learning remotely from home; some students (about 20%) are either attending school Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday while remote learning the rest of the school week; and the other 60% are learning in the classroom all week. All students in Pre-K are in-person. We are grateful that we could accommodate almost every family’s preference for in-person or remote learning. For the present, we are adding new students to a waiting list until we have additional openings.

Our school continues to follow the protocols recommended by the CDC, the Fairfax County Department of Public Health, the Arlington Diocese, and the Virginia Council for Private Education. Our students are spaced six feet apart in the classroom. Students wear face masks at school, have frequent opportunities to wash their hands, and keep social distances in the hallways, in the cafeteria, and on the playground. Students are divided into “cohorts” and stay with the same group of 17-18 students to minimize contact with other groups. We added a third cohort in each grade Kindergarten-2nd grade so that every student may attend school full-time. We have additional protocols and procedures that are distributed to each school family. Together, we are doing our very best as a school community to stay safe and keep learning!


Parent/Student Handbook 2020-21

Addendum to the Parent/Student Handbook re: COVID


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