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Carpool Procedures



The School Office is open during school hours. It is closed during Mass or school activities that take place in the Church.

Saint Bernadette School opens its doors to Extended Day students at 6:45am and to the rest of the students at 7:45 AM. The tardy bell rings at 8:05 AM.


Teacher supervision begins at 7:45 AM.  In the morning, parents are asked to drop off children between 7:45 AM and 8:05 AM. Students report directly to their classrooms.  Prayers and announcements will begin at 8:05 AM, and the first period class starts immediately after prayers.




Morning Arrival Procedure

1. Cars enter by EAST entrance (double entrance) by Parish Center and proceed in front of the Church, to the side of the Rectory, and line up along the sidewalk next to the Gym.

2. Teachers will be present from the Rectory to the cones in the back parking lot to help unload students.

3. Parents remain in cars; teachers and safety patrols will assist students out of their cars.

4. Students will proceed directly to their classrooms from 7:45-8:05.

5. If parents arrive after 8:05 a.m., they must park and escort their K-8 children to the office to sign in and receive a tardy slip.


Afternoon Dismissal Procedure


Early Dismissal:

Dismissal begins at 11:30 p.m. Students who are not picked up by their parents will sign in to Extended Day. Extended Day closes at 6:00pm unless otherwise announced.


Regular Dismissal:


The last period class ends at 3:05 p.m. Children will then prepare for home. Parents are strongly discouraged from taking their children out of school before Afternoon Prayer. Parents may park in the church parking lot, sign their children out at the office and wait under the canopy for dismissal.

No student will be dismissed prior to the regular dismissal time without the signed permission of a parent/guardian, nor will a student be released to anyone other than a parent without parental authorization.


In the interest of good order that will ensure the safety of the children at dismissal, parents’ cooperation is needed when there are special activities that occur either in the Church or school that concludes right before dismissal. All students must return to school for dismissal as usual.

Do not allow parents to come into the building and take their child(ren) If there is a special need, please send a note to the Principal for arrangements.



A student who walks home must have a letter from a parent/guardian that describes the route taken home. The school cannot be held responsible for the child’s safety once he/she leaves school.


Dismissal Procedure

Please follow the directives of the school patrols and faculty.

1. Each carpool will be assigned a number and issued a card bearing that number.

2. This card should be prominently displayed when coming to pick up students.

3. Cars enter the Saint Bernadette parking lot by the main entrance, proceed in front of the Church, and line up along the sidewalk beside the Rectory. At approximately 15 minutes before dismissal, the barrier will be removed and cars will proceed to the rear parking lot, parking in circles.

4. Immediately after Afternoon Prayer, carpool numbers will be displayed on the classroom electronic white boards. Students will line up according to their location (Back circle, Canopy, or Sidewalk) In the interest of students’ safety, cars parked in the back circles will not be permitted to depart until all cars have safely loaded their passengers. All drivers must remain in cars once the bell has rung for dismissal at 3:08.

5. After picking up passengers, cars should proceed around the circle and exit.

6. All faculty and staff must participate in the dismissal process and stay in the building for dismissal until the All Clear signal.

SPEED LIMIT: It is imperative that the 5 MPH speed limit be strictly followed.


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