Faith ChristHouse2020 ccexpressAt Saint Bernadette Catholic School, the Catholic faith animates our school culture. Each classroom contains a crucifix and an icon displaying a patron Saint for that room, and our hallways are always beautifully decorated with student artwork displaying symbols of our faith.

At Saint Bernadette, your child’s day will begin and end with prayer. Students are active participants in our weekly Mass, and children can serve as lectors, gift bearers, altar servers, and members of the Cardinal Choir.

Your child will receive daily instruction in religion at every grade level. Gospel values are taught through religion classes and are reinforced throughout the school day to connect the gospel to daily life.

The central mysteries of the Catholic faith are celebrated and brought to life throughout the liturgical year. During the month of October, your child will participate in a school-wide Living Rosary as we honor Our Blessed Mother. The season of Advent is marked by the lighting of the Advent wreath guiding us to the joy awaiting at Christmas. When your child is in third grade, he/she will take part in acting out the Nativity as part of our school Christmas program. Lent is made visible as students wear purple crosses to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice. Every Friday of Lent, your eighth grader will have the opportunity to participate in leading the school community reflecting on the Stations of the Cross. Lent culminates with 5th and 8th graders reenacting the Last Supper and the Living Stations.

St. Bernadette Catholic School provides opportunities for participation in the Sacraments. Religion classes will prepare your second grader to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Middle school religion classes will prepare your student to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in eighth grade. In addition to the weekly celebration of the Eucharist, Catholic students in grades 3-8 are able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least twice a year during Advent and Lent.

The community of Saint Bernadette Catholic School offers many opportunities for your child and your family to actively participate in service. These service opportunities instill at an early age the importance of caring for others. Kindergarten students, along with their grade five buddies, decorate lunch bags and fill them with nonperishable items for a local shelter. Middle School students visit Christ House in Alexandria and help serve meals to the homeless. Students frequently create holiday cards for those in a local retirement community.

Our focus on monthly virtues and acts of service will foster your child’s growth in faith, the importance of service, and the inherent value of sharing the Good News.



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