School Counselor

When we think of school, we tend to think of academic learning--reading, writing, and math. But there is a lot more to going to school than just learning academics. While the left side of our report card lists academic achievements, the right side of our diocesan report card focuses on conduct and work habits. Demonstrating respect, practicing self-control, learning to manage time wisely, and completing assignments on time are important life skills that can have a significant impact on your child's future. The social skills and work habits side of the report card is actually more important than the left.

How your child feels about going to school can have a significant impact on your child's success. That is where our Saint Bernadette Catholic School counselor steps in. As the "healer of hearts" at Saint Bernadette School, the counselor's role is to provide social and emotional support for students. Our counseling program provides direct student services including helping students learn to work with others, learning how to be a good friend, and helping those students who need a little more support.

As a student at Saint Bernadette, your child will receive timely and age-appropriate classroom lessons via direct instruction on topics such as empathy, forming friendships, anti-bullying, goal setting, and the virtue of the month. Our counselor also meets with small groups of students to assist with basic problem-solving skills surrounding friendships.

Sometimes students need additional academic supports. Our school counselor does check-ins with individual students struggling with skills on the right side of the report card or who are experiencing a change in their personal life. Through indirect student services, our counselor also speaks with outside providers and makes needed referrals.

As a new member to our community, your student may work with our school counselor to acclimate to our school or to help make friends.

Our School Counseling Program helps our students find a new way of seeing and doing so they can get back to the business of learning.


Mr. Andrew Raab

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