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Why St. Bernadette

We believe that there is no better place for our children to grow and learn.

Why St BernadetteFinding the right school for your family is an important responsibility. As a parent in Fairfax County, you have many options for your child(ren)’s education. At St. Bernadette, we have a long tradition of strong academic Catholic education. We recognize the lasting impact we can have on our students, and strive to make every day count. As a Catholic school, we have a two-fold mission – strong academics and faith formation. Our academic program provides support for children with academic challenges and challenges for students who excel in their studies. We do our best to meet children where they are, and provide support for their families as the primary educators of their children.

Catholic schools emphasize the value of a well-rounded education. We support our students as they grow in all areas. As you can see from our mission statement below, our goals reach beyond strong academics:

The mission of St. Bernadette Catholic School is to provide an excellent education for our students in a faith-based environment. The parish and school community strive to advance the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students. Our goal is to prepare each child to maintain a close relationship with God, to continually grow in personal holiness, and to live out Christian values in his or her lifetime.

Being part of a Catholic community, children learn how to communicate with each other and to resolve their differences. The world can be a challenging place to live, so we need to provide them with the proper tools to not only survive, but to thrive! We hope you will entrust them to our care as we work together for their well-being.


Barbara Dalmut