Inclement Weather & School Closings

Inclement Weather Plan

The "general plan" for inclement weather days at Saint Bernadette Catholic School is as follows:

-We will follow Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) regarding physical closings, but not necessary in terms of education.  In other words, when FCPS is closed, our campus is closed. Likewise, if Fairfax County has a 2-hour delay due to road conditions, our campus will also have a 2-hour delay.

-The first day in any snow or inclement weather episode is a gift--an opportunity for children to be children and to enjoy playing in the snow. School will be closed both physically and educationally.

Here is where we will differ from FCPS:

-The second day will be an asynchronous day--a day for teachers to assign work and to hold office hours in grades K-8.

-The third- and subsequent days will be E-learning days in grades K-8.

As always, we will communicate the plan to you each day.

When snow is in the forecast and we have advanced warning, we will send home needed devices and materials. If the snow is unexpected or we were unable to send home the necessary materials, we will continue with asynchronous days and office hours.

As always, we will communicate the plan to you each day.

There may be challenges--power lines down, internet not working, people who are ill, etc.--we will adjust the plan, as necessary.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 January 2022 15:27